Table 1

Effects of smoke-free policies on adjusted profits from charitable gaming

Year (change in revenues per year, dollars*)Ordinance (change in revenues per year following ordinance implementation, dollars*)n
CommunitiesData points
Results of general linear model analysis. The model also included a fixed effect for community, and lagged (by one year) adjusted profits.
Communities were divided between large and small based on median population, 14 997.
Figures in parentheses indicate standard error of coefficient.
*Dollars are adjusted to 2001 as described in the Methods.
All communities−798 (267)+1110 (827)2203247
p<0.001p = 0.179
Small communities−648 (129)+170 (468)1101634
p<0.001p = 0.716
Larger communities−1466 (582)+2188 (1487)1101613
p = 0.012p = 0.141