Table 2

Mean (SE) change in beliefs about Light/Ultra Light cigarettes and interest in quitting by message and type of cigarette smoked

FeelVentsHealthMean scores by message group for Regular, Light, and Ultra Light smokers combined
RegularLightULRegularLightULRegularLightULFeelVents Health
Delivery composite−0.681 −0.76−0.932 −0.53−0.56−0.52−0.19−0.19−0.22−0.75a −0.54b −0.19c
Safety composite−0.211 −0.352 −0.572 −0.18−0.29−0.22−0.03−0.07−0.07−0.32a −0.23b −0.06c
Risk of Light cigarettes−0.57−0.55−0.70−0.22−0.25−0.16−0.11−0.08−0.16−0.58a −0.22b −0.11b
Risk of Ultra Light cigarettes−0.75−0.77−0.98−0.28−0.39−0.42−0.08−0.23−0.12−0.79a −0.34b −0.15b
Quit Index0.061 0.170.342 −0.08−− −0.05b 0.02b
  • For beliefs and ratings of Light/Ultra Light cigarettes, a negative number indicates less acceptance of Light/Ultra Light cigarettes. For the “quit index”, a positive number indicates an increase in interest in quitting.

  • 1 2Means that have different superscripts differ significantly. Means without superscripts do not differ from the other two (p < 0.05).

  • a b cFor comparisons of the mean scores (see last column), means with different letters indicate significant differences between messages (p < 0.05).