Table 3

Odds ratios (95% confidence intervals) for pupil level variables from individual level logistic regression models: daily smoking and weekly smoking

Daily smoking Weekly smoking
 Girl1.58(1.12 to 2.23)1.74(1.24 to 2.43)
Mother smokes?
 Yes1.65(1.20 to 2.27)1.40(1.00 to 1.96)
Best friend smokes?
 Yes, sometimes2.36(1.11 to 5.04)5.54(3.45 to 8.90)
 Yes, daily29.61(18.27 to 47.99)27.58(19.04 to 39.94)
Parents expect too much at school?
 Yes1.82(1.21 to 2.74)2.23(1.55 to 3.22)
Alienation score (OR per unit increase)1.41(1.17 to 1.70)1.39(1.19 to 1.62)