Table 3

Tobacco lobby political tactics and outcomes in 12 state legislatures in the 1990s3-150

State Political tactic Year Industry success
FloridaOffer “crippling” amendments causing withdrawal of effective tobacco control legislation including clean indoor air legislation in Florida and tobacco tax increase in Oregon1990No
FloridaFile lawsuits to overturn legislation that made it easier to sue tobacco industry for Medicaid (federal health care for the poor) funded illnesses due to tobacco use1994No
CaliforniaPass legislation to overturn previously enacted tobacco control legislation including tobacco related Medicaid legislation in Florida and smoke free bar legislation in California1998-99No
FloridaPass legislation to nullify tobacco related Medicaid lawsuit filed by state1996-97No
ArizonaPass weak state legislation that also pre-empts stricter local tobacco control laws including pre-empting local tobacco sales restrictions and marketing laws in Arizona; local clean indoor air laws in New York; and local excise taxes in Oregon.1995No
New York1995-96No
ArizonaPass legislation weakening the implementation of effective and ongoing state tobacco control education programmes1996-97Yes
OhioSponsor pro-tobacco legislation, which diverts time and energy of public health forces towards defeating such legislation and not promoting tobacco control legislation1991-98No
CaliforniaPass legislation that diverts funding from initiative-created tobacco control educational efforts to other programmes1991-95Yes
ArizonaPass legislation capping funding for state anti-tobacco education programme below amounts approved by state initiative1995-97Yes
CaliforniaPass legislation delaying previously passed tobacco control legislation related to smoke free bars1996-98Yes (1996)
No (1997-98)
WashingtonRequest that legislative committee determine that administrative agency written rule regulating clean indoor air quality in public places not be adopted1994Yes
PennsylvaniaAttach weak tobacco industry youth access bill to unrelated bill late in legislative session to pass it without drawing public attention1994No
  • 3-150 The representative states are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.6-20