Table 1

Activities aimed at encouraging and supporting employees to quit smoking

ActivityPercentage of organisations active
Promoting publications (leaflets, posters, etc) on smoking and health38.6
Carrying out punitive disciplinary measures in case of breaches of the policy17.2
Popularising countrywide and international campaigns such as “Quit and Win” or “Quit smoking with us”15.7
Promoting guidebooks on how to quit with useful practical hints15.2
Organising workshops on smoking and health13.3
Providing employees with medical counselling on individual basis10.6
Hiring non-smoking employees5.9
Providing regular bonuses for non-smokers1.4
Providing one off bonuses or prizes for employees who decide to quit1.0
Providing psychological therapy and support groups for smokers trying to quit0.8
Involving families in the quitting process0.8
Co-financing nicotine replacement therapy for the employees0.3