Table 3

Absenteeism and years of smoking cessation

MeasureCurrent smokers3-150 Former smokers3-150 Change per year of cessation3-151 p Value3-152
Study absenteeism days caused by sickness3.992.4−0.10.03
Study attendance interruptions caused by sickness0.890.59−0.0170.04
One year absenteeism days caused by sickness6.164.53−0.150.04
One year attendance interruptions caused by sickness1.721.09−0.0450.005
  • 3-150 Mean value.

  • 3-151 Analysis performed using multivariate ordinary linear least squares regression, controlling for age, sex, full time/part time employment status, and time since smoking cessation. Only current and former smokers were included in the analysis, as time since cessation would be undefined for never smokers. A zero value for time since cessation was assigned to current smokers.

  • 3-152 p Value refers to the significance of the independent variable “years of cessation” in the regression model.