Table 2

List of coded variables

Variable Operational definition
Date of publicationDay, month, and year of the publication of article
StateState in which the publication was primarily distributed
Name of publicationName of the publication from which the article was obtained
CirculationNumber of copies of the publication distributed daily
Type of articleNews story (factual account of event or issue), editorial (non-factual account/opinion of event or issue written by newspaper staff), or letter to the editor (usually written to the newspaper by a member of the community)
Policy typeClean indoor air, restricting access to minors, economic disincentives (that is, excise taxes), advertising and promotions, and a miscellaneous category (lawsuits, national settlement talks, possible regulation of nicotine by the FDA)
Front pageProminence variable to identify the visibility of an article
Point of view (slant)Protobacco control (supportive of tobacco control ) and anti-tobacco control (supportive of tobacco industry)
Origin of storyNational or local in focus. Distinguishes source of story as a national wire service (Associated Press, UPI, Reuters) or bylined by local journalist