Table 7

Neutral red and sister chromatid exchange (SCE) assay of whole smoke from Eclipse prototypes, 1R4F, and 1R5F*

CigaretteNeutral red assay (EC50 value)SCE assay
*Neutral red values: concentration of mainstream smoke (cigarettes per cubic meter of air) to cause 50% reduction in growth of cell population. A higher concentration of smoke condensate being required to reduce the cell population by 50% is indicative of lower cytoxicity.
SCE values: slope value, a measure of the increase in the number of sister chromatid exchanges per unit of smoke concentration (cigarettes per cubic meter of air). A lower slope value is indicative of lower mutagenic potential.
Source: Eclipse Expert Panel.6
1R4F 5.90.31
GTC 4-09831.40.06
GTC 5-01434.70.05
GTC 5-53513.80.09
GTC 7-02621.70.06