Table 1

Factors associated with ever smoking cigarettes

FactorEver user (n = 409)Never user (n = 544)
*Response options: 1 = very important; 2 = somewhat important; 3 = not too important; 4 = not important at all.
†Response options: 1 = strongly agree; 2 = agree; 3 = disagree; 4 = strongly disagree.
Out of 100 students, how many do you think have tried smoking cigarettes?
χ2 = 158.35, p<0.001
Out of 100 students, how many do you think smoke at least once a week?
χ2 = 42.04, p<0.001
How many of 5 closest friends smoke?
    Don’t know18%15%
χ2 = 168.13, p<0.001
Would you smoke if a friend offered you a cigarette?
    Probably yes5%1%
    Definitely yes22%3%
    Probably no22%17%
    Definitely no51%79%
χ2 = 108.16, p<0.001
Do you find it hard not to smoke when someplace where one or more of your friends is smoking?
    Yes, difficult13%7%
    Yes, somewhat difficult8%4%
    No, not usually difficult17%7%
    No, never difficult48%20%
    Never smoked14%62%
χ2 = 191.03, p<0.001
When you have visitors who smoke, are they allowed to smoke in your home?
    Yes, wherever28%12%
    Yes, in certain rooms18%16%
    No, cannot smoke inside44%54%
    None of the visitors smoke10%17%
χ2 = 44.01, p<0.001
Are people in your family allowed to smoke in your home?
    Yes, wherever30%15%
    Yes, in certain rooms18%13%
    No, cannot smoke inside36%39%
    No one in my family smokes16%33%
χ2 = 54.89, p<0.001
Have you ever used smokeless tobacco?
χ2 = 19.68, p<0.001
Have you ever smoked a cigar?
χ2 = 107.54, p<0.001
How important do the following people think it is for you to stay off cigarettes?*
    Mother1.281.17t = 2.40, p = 0.021
    Best friend1.851.55t = 3.52, p<0.001
    Most people your own age1.941.62T = 4.47, p<0.001
Smoking related attitudes†
    Positive mental effects of smoking2.913.32t = 8.42, p<0.001
    Positive appearance features of smoking3.303.68t = 9.53, p<0.001
    Negative physical and social effects of smoking2.221.87t = 6.91, p<0.001
    Rationalisation for the safety of smoking3.033.36t = 7.74, p<0.001
    Smoking helps people meet other people3.193.49t = 5.51, p<0.001
    If someone only smokes with friends and not when alone, that person is addicted to cigarettes3.012.88t = 2.20, p = 0.028
    I can easily control whether I smoke or not2.072.23t = 1.95, p = 0.052