Table 2

Factors associated with current versus past use of cigarettes

FactorCurrent user (n = 146)Past user (n = 256)
*Response options: 1 = very important; 2 = somewhat important; 3 = not too important; 4 = not important at all.
†Response options: 1 = strongly agree; 2 = agree; 3 = disagree; 4 = strongly disagree.
Out of 100 students, how many do you think smoke at least once a week?
χ2 = 17.91, p<0.001
How many of 5 closest friends smoke?
    Don’t know15%19%
χ2 = 67.00, p<0.001
How do you think of yourself?
    A smoker19%1%
    A non-smoker20%60%
    An ex-smoker10%10%
    Not sure51%29%
χ2 = 77.98, p<0.001
How do your friends think of you?
    A smoker17%3%
    A non-smoker31%59%
    An ex-smoker8%5%
    Not sure44%33%
χ2 = 44.04, p<0.001
How did you try to quit smoking?
    Never tried34%17%
    Just drifted away11%10%
    Stopped, no problem36%59%
    Stopped with cravings12%5%
    Cut down, then quit7%9%
χ2 = 16.43, p = 0.002
How much did you crave a cigarette last time went without cigarettes?
    Not at all45%74%
    A little18%10%
    A lot10%5%
    Never tried13%4%
χ2 = 19.72, p<0.001
When you have visitors who smoke, are they allowed to smoke in your home?
    Yes, wherever43%20%
    Yes, in certain rooms1917
    No, cannot smoke inside3351
    None of the visitors smoke512
χ2 = 26.30, p<0.001
Are people in your family allowed to smoke in your home?
    Yes, wherever45%22%
    Yes, in certain rooms19%17%
    No, cannot smoke inside26%42%
    No one in my family smokes10%19%
χ2 = 25.52, p<0.001
Have you ever used smokeless tobacco?
χ2 = 4.46, p<0.035
Have you ever smoked a cigar?
χ2 = 11.33, p<0.001
How important do the following people think it is for you to stay off cigarettes?*
    Mother1.421.21t = 2.32, p = 0.021
    Best friend2.461.80t = 3.84, p<0.001
    Most people your own age2.201.83t = 3.15, p = 0.002
Smoking related attitudes†
    Positive mental effects of smoking2.683.03t = 4.20, p<0.001
    Positive appearance features of smoking3.073.42t = 4.74, p<0.001
    Negative physical and social effects of smoking2.392.13t = 3.08, p = 0.002
    Rationalisations for the safety of smoking2.823.15t = 4.76, p<0.001
    Smoking helps people meet other people2.943.32t = 4.00, p<0.001
    If someone only smokes with friends and not when alone, that person is addicted to cigarettes2.973.03t = 0.55, p = 0.585
    I can easily control whether I smoke or not2.112.03t = 0.60, p = 0.547