Table 2

Top tobacco industry sponsored events, programmes and organisations—USA, 1995-99, by sponsorship amount2-150 (sponsorships of $1 million or more)

Event, programme or organisation Estimated
sponsorship amount2-151
Brief description of sponsorship
Motor sports sponsorships (13 separate sponsorships exceeded $1 million$208.3 millionIncludes sponsorship of: (1) NASCAR Winston Cup Series from 1995-99, with approximately 33 races per year and estimated annual sponsorship fees of $15 million; (2)   NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series from 1995-99, with approximately 23 events per year and estimated annual sponsorship fees of $2.5 million; (3) Kool Green Team in CART FedEx Championship Series from 1996-98, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $3 million; (4) Marlboro Penske Team in CART FedEx Championship Series from 1995-98, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $15 million; (5) Team Winston in NASCAR Winston Cup Series from 1995-98, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $7 million; (6) Team Winston in NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series in 1997 and 1998, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $2 million; (7) Copenhagen Team in NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series in 1998, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $2 million; and (8) Skoal Bandit Team in NASCAR Winston Cup series in 1998, with estimated annual sponsorship fees of $3.2 million
Fight Against Hunger$100 millionFour year initiative launched by Philip Morris in March 1999; thought to be the largest corporate effort ever to fight hunger in the USA; consists of a combination of $50
  million in cash donations to fund food delivery programmes, food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and food rescue programmes throughout the USA, and $50 million in food donations to be distributed through the Second Harvest national network of food banks
Vantage Championship$7.5 millionRJ Reynolds has had title sponsorship of this golf tournament since 1987. It is one of the most prestigious events on the Senior PGA Tour and is held in Clemmons, North   Carolina. The estimated annual sponsorship fee is $1.5 million.
American Poolplayers Association$7.5 millionCamel has been a national sponsor of the American Poolplayers Association (APA) Association since 1994, with an estimated annual sponsorship fee of $1.5 million. As of   2000, it was recognised as the official tobacco product of the APA and had title sponsorship of the Camel 8-Ball Classic and Camel 8-Ball National Team Championships. Since 1996, Camel has sponsored the Camel Pro Billiards Series, which features the world's best professional billiards. Tournaments are held in eight cities across the country
Life Skills Training Program$4.5 millionIn 1999, Philip Morris and Brown & Williamson offered a grant of $4.5 million over three years to the West Virginia Department of Education to implement a life skills   training programme for middle school students throughout West Virginia; the Life Skills Training Program, endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, focuses on alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention. During the first two years, approximately $2.2 million was spent on programme implementation. The programme is being run independently by the Department of Education, without company oversight
4-H$4.3 millionIn 1999, Philip Morris offered $4.3 million to the National 4-H Council over two years for a youth tobacco prevention programme. More than half of the state 4-H chapters   refused the funding, so total actual amount of sponsorship is unclear. Funded programme, called “Health Rocks!”, is now being implemented
Virginia Slims Women's Legends Tour$4 millionSponsored by Philip Morris from 1995-98, this tour visited several cities each year and involved matches by former women's tennis greats and concerts by prominent female   singers. Conducted in partnership with the National AIDS Fund, it raised money for the National AIDS Fund and for local AIDS organisations. Estimated annual sponsorship fee was $1 million
Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association$3.25 millionUS Tobacco, through its Copenhagen and Skoal brands, sponsored the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Tour annually during the period 1995-99, with estimated   annual sponsorship fees of $650000. The sponsorship included the Cope Skoal Championship Awards Program, and promotional and advertising support of approximately 300 annual PRCA events, including the National Finals Rodeo, National Finals Steer Roping, 12 PRCA circuit finals, and Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo. The sponsorship also included the provision of four scoreboards for use at 375 performances taking place at rodeo events, prize money for rodeo contestants, and funding for rodeo athletes
University of Louisville$3 millionIn 1996, Brown & Williamson announced a contribution to complete work on the new Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The contribution would help assure completion of the   club level and a training facility. In consideration of the gift, the stadium's club facility was called the Brown & Williamson Club. The gift was said to be the second largest corporate gift ever to the university's athletics department
Senior Helpings Initiative$2.1 millionIn 1998, this programme, sponsored by Philip Morris, contributed $2.1 million to 57 organisations throughout the country to provide meals to elderly Americans. Initiative is in   partnership with the National Meals on Wheels Foundation. The programme was funded at $2.1 million in 1999, but is considered to be part of the larger Fight Against Hunger Program launched in 1999
Doors of Hope$2 millionThis Philip Morris initiative, announced in October 1999, will provide grants to 180 local domestic violence organisations throughout the country. Funding will support food,   meals, emergency shelter, transitional housing, counselling, outreach, and training. In partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence Fund
Positive Helpings$1.025 millionFunded by Philip Morris during the period 1996-99 and administered by the National AIDS Fund, this programme provides grants to community organisations to support the   nutritional needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. In 1997-1998, 21 organisations were funded; in 1999, the programme funded 38 organisations in 25 states
Winston Blues Revival$1 millionSponsored by RJ Reynolds in 1998, this was a six month, 15 city tour featuring several well known blues artists. Some of these musicians were featured in a series of print ads in   national magazines connecting the blues and cigarette smoking with the tag line “Real blues—real tobacco”. Money from the tour went to the Music Maker Relief Foundation, an organisation that provides food, shelter, and medical care to neglected blues and country artists
  • 2-150 Sponsorship amount is estimated and could only be ascertained for a limited number of the identified sponsorships. This table includes only sponsorships for which funding information was available. It is possible that other sponsorships existed that exceeded the funding amounts in this table. For some sponsorships, funding was pledged for a multi-year period, and may not necessarily have been paid out during the study period.

  • 2-151 Estimated amount of total funding for sponsorship across all years of the study (1995-99) based on information presented on web sites or provided by IEG Inc. These represent minimum estimates because sponsorship funding amounts were not available for all years of each sponsorship.