Table 2

Peer reviewers' Medline indexed publications

Characteristics Number
Peer reviewers with Medline publications942-150 (90%)
Total number of Medline publications4502
 Interquartile range7–55
Peer reviewers' total number of tobacco related publications2-151 in Medline298 (7%)
Total number of peer reviewers with Medline publications with zero tobacco related publications48 (51%)
Number of peer reviewers who have 10% or more of total Medline publications in tobacco related topic20 (19%)
Ratio of tobacco related articles to total Medline indexed articles
 Range0–100 %
 Interquartile range0–8%
  • 2-150 Several peer reviewers have publications in professional journals not indexed on Medline and others had additional publications not indexed on Medline. These publications were not included.

  • 2-151 Tobacco related articles as determined by searching with the following subject terms: smok2-150, tobacco, indoor air, ETS.