Table 2

Employment stability, teen eligibility, and response rates for each survey administration*

CharacteristicsBaselineBrief prevalence interim surveysFinal
*All categories are mutually exclusive.
Interim one and the final survey correspond to the fall of 1999 and 2000.
†Includes teens who were newly hired and those who were terminated and re-hired.
‡Data on these teens were collected from employee lists and entered into the database for each administration.
§Total eligible teens include the sum of those eligible at baseline plus new hires at each administration minus the terminated teens at each administration.
¶Of the 322 teens who completed the baseline survey, 78 (24%) completed the final survey.
Number eligible from previous survey419459432438420414
Number of new hires†1327168817093
Number terminated‡9298629976123
Total number eligible§419459432438420414384
Number of completed surveys¶322197256289282303275
Response rates77%43%59%66%67%73%72%
Turnover rates20%23%14%24%18%32%