Table 1

 Baseline participant characteristics

VariableMean (SD) or %Median (range)
*Reported income does not include money participants may have received from family and friends, thus explaining how many participants spent more on cigarettes than they received in income.
Age43.78 (8.96)
Length of psychiatric illness20.78 (10.56)
Male sex67.9%
Years smoking26.87 (9.79)
Global assessment of functioning (GAF)50.12 (8.10)
History of substance use disorder53.2%
FTND5.98 (2.06)
Smoking more than 1 pack/day82.1%
Longest previous quit attempts (days)2.0 (0–5110)
Generic brands30.8%
“Light” cigarettes20.0%
Menthol cigarettes38.5%
Money spent on cigarettes per month$142.50 ($57.15–$319.13)
Participants receiving public assistance87.2%
Public assistance benefit$596.00 ($60–$1500)
Percentage of income spent on cigarettes27.36% (6.3–331.3%)*