Table 4

Potential policies to deter youth smoking

• No smoking in open air facilities such as ball parks, stadiums, and concerts
• No tobacco advertising within 1000 feet (300 m) of a school
• No smoking anywhere open to the public
• Legal age for purchase of cigarettes (age 18 years)
• Make anyone who sells or gives cigarettes to minors pay a fine, including parents, other adults, and kids
• Take away a store's licence to sell cigarettes if they are caught selling to minors three or more times
• Make minors pay a fine for possession of tobacco
• Make parents of minors pay a fine for their child's possession of tobacco
• Reward non-smoking kids/teens with special discounts at movies, stores, etc
• Ban advertising for cigarettes in magazines that lots of kids/teens read
• Charge $6.00 per pack of cigarettes
• Put stronger warning labels on all packs of cigarettes and all cigarette advertisements
• List all of the ingredients in cigarettes
• Require that all cigarette packaging and advertising be only in black and white
• Prohibit all advertising for cigarettes
• Advertise everywhere how positive it is for kids/teens to be smoke-free