Table 6

Odds ratios for indicators of lower quality among studies with negative conclusions compared to studies not concluding a negative impact

% finding a negative outcome% not finding a negative outcomeOdds ratios 
 (95% CI)p Value
Including only subjective outcome measures80% (28/35)23,31,80–97,99,103–108,11452% (32/62)19,20,24,26,28,32,62–79,100–102,109–112,1154.0 (1.4 to 9.9)0.007
Funded by the tobacco industry or a group supported by the tobacco industry94% (29/31)23,31,57–61,80–97,103,107,108,1144%(2/62)19,20Infinite0.001
Not being peer reviewed?97% (34/35)18,57–61,80–83,85–97,99,103–108,11463% (39/62)19,20,24–26,28–30,32–34,36–41,43,50–53,55,62,67–70,73,74,78,79,100,102,109–11320 (2.6 to 166.7)0.004