Table 2

Demographic characteristics of smoker and recent quitter respondents

Benchmark May 1997 (n=1192)Follow up 1 Nov 1997 (n=2981)Follow up 2 Nov 1998 (n=1646)Follow up 3 Nov 1999 (n=1611)Follow up 4 Nov 2000 (n=1675)
    18–29 years50%46%46%45%48%
    30–40 years50%54%54%55%52%
Educational status
    Completed at least some secondary schooling63%65%65%60%61%
    Completed at least some tertiary37%35%35%40%40%
Work status
    Home duties11%10%14%13%11%
Occupational status
    Blue collar45%45%52%48%45%
    White collar55%55%48%52%55%
Language spoken at home