Table 4

Campaign attributed encouragement to quit or stay quit among smoker and recent quitter respondents (of those who reported recognising campaign advertising)

Follow up 1 Nov 1997 (n=2981)Follow up 2 Nov 1998 (n=1647)Follow up 3 Nov 1999 (n=1612)Follow up 4 Nov 2000 (n=1675)
*Follow up 1 to follow up 4, n.s.
†Follow up 1 to follow up 4, linear decline, p <0.001.
    More likely to quit51%50%47%49%*
    No difference45%46%49%47%
    Less likely to quit3%3%2%2%
    Can’t say2%1%1%2%
    Helped to stay quit60%56%52%44%†
    Had no effect35%40%43%53%
    Made it more difficult2%1%3%1%
    Can’t say4%3%2%2%