Table 5

Unprompted awareness of illness and damage, level of agreement with opinion statements about smoking and health and campaign related attitudes among smoker and recent quitter respondents

Benchmark May 1997 (n=1192)Follow up 1 Nov 1997 (n=2981)Follow up 2 Nov 1998 (n=1646)Follow up 3 Nov 1999 (n=1611)Follow up 4 Nov 2000 (n=1675)
*Benchmark vs follow up 1, p <0.001.
†Follow up 3 v FU4, p <0.001.
‡Follow up 1 v follow up 2, p <0.001.
§Benchmark to follow up 4, linear increase, p < 0.001.
¶Follow up 4 v follow up 1, follow up 2, follow up 3, p <0.01.
**Follow up 1 to follow up 4, ns.
††Follow up 4 v follow up 2, follow up 3, p <0.001.
‡‡Follow up 3 v follow up 4, p=0.004.
Unprompted awareness
    Any artery illness/damage26%32%*30%32%26%†
    Any lung illness/damage80%79%79%80%80%
    Genetic/DNA damage1%2%2%2%1%
    Any brain disease4%3%12%‡8%8%
    Eyesight damage---<1%2%
Unprompted awareness of illness and damage caused by smoking
    The dangers of smoking have been exaggerated (% disagree)59%64%*61%64%68%§
    Smoking can’t be all that bad because many people smoke all their lives   and live to a ripe old age (% disagree)59%61%60%62%66%¶
    Smoking the occasional cigarette doesn’t cause any damage to your   health (% disagree)50%57%*55%57%60%§
Campaign-related attitudes
    Which is nearest to the truth? “Every cigarette is doing you damage” v “You have to smoke for several years”: (% Every cigarette is doing you damage)75%82%*81%79%81%**
    Smoking blocks up arteries with fatty deposits (% true)54%83%*76%80%80%**
    Smoking causes damage to the genes in lung cells (% true)67%78%*70%73%70%
    Smoking causes decay in the lungs (% true)93%95%94%95%95%
    Smoking causes strokes (% true)NANA77%77%82%††
    Smoking causes blood clots in the brain (% true)NANA71%68%72%‡‡
    Smoking causes eye damage (% true)NANANANA50%