Table 1

Proportion of smokers and nonsmokers agreeing with campaign related beliefs (national evaluation study)

Survey itemsSmokers (n=105)Nonsmokers (n=295)Difference in %95% CI around difference
Which is nearest to the truth?
“Every cigarette is doing you damage” vs “You have to smoke for several years to do any damage to your health”
(% “Every cigarette is doing you damage”)97%94% 3% −1% to 7%
Smoking causes strokes (% true)82%83% −1%−10% to 8%
Smoking causes blood clots in the brain (% true)73%85%−12%−21% to −3%
Smoking causes decay in the lungs (% true)94%94% 0 −5% to 5%
Smoking blocks up arteries with fatty deposits (% true)85%81% 4% −4% to 12%
Smoking causes damage to the genes in lung cells (% true)63%69% −6%−17% to 5%