Table 1

Smokefree bar law media framing categories

Theme Tobacco industry frame Health groups frame
EconomicHurts business
Decreasing revenues and tips
No negative effects/good for business
Usual adjustment period
ChoiceSmokers' rights
Adult choice
Non-smokers' rights
Public supports the law
EnforcementInconsistent/no enforcementEnforcement is going well/being worked out
Government roleGovernment interferenceGovernment role to protect employees
Ventilation Need to create state standardsNo standards would be sufficient
LegislationBills to repeal or delay lawAttempts to uphold law
TacticsAttack academic/economic studiesAttacking tobacco industry credibility
Civil disobediencePurposefully disobeying law
Patron habitsDrinking and smoking go together
Workplace hazardsEmployees should accept workplace hazardsEmployees should not be subject to workplace hazards