Table 1

 Programme allocations for MPAAT, 2000 and 200284

RecipientPurpose (grant duration)20002002
Med/Ed Tob Smoke Task ForceTo reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, bars, businesses, and schools in Marshall and Pennington counties (2 years)$152806
North Central Service CoopTo increase the number of smoke-free restaurants in Crow Wing, Todd, and Wadena counties (2 years)$200000
Morrison County Public HealthTo raise awareness and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in Morrison County (around public schools, entrances to health care facilities, government buildings/grounds, and worksites) (2 years)$120386
American Cancer Society (Midwest)To change policies to promote health by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke in Hennepin and Kandiyohi counties (2 years)$199530
American Lung Assoc. of MNTo build community readiness for public policy change to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in Greater Minnesota (2 years)$369000
MN Smoke-Free CoalitionTo create and implement a statewide grassroots plan to eliminate exposure to second hand smoke (2 years)$592050
MN Smoke-Free CoalitionTo implement a project to mitigate the influences of the tobacco industry in Minnesota; this included a media campaign (2 years)$201565
Chicanos Latinos Unidos E n ServicioTo establish an ethnic tobacco network representing the Chicano/Latino community in Minnesota (3 years)$245000
Asian Bus & Comm FoundTo build an ethnic network to reduce tobacco use within the Southeast Asian community in Minnesota (3 years)$245000
William Mitchell College of LawTo work with unions and workers to address tobacco use in the workplace (2 years)$365000
MN Nurses Assoc.To develop a statewide partnership with labour unions to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and promote cessation (2 years)$200000
University of MNTo develop, promote, and evaluate weekly Smoke-free Saturday Night events in Minneapolis and St Paul, targeting youth (2 years)$298038
Park Nicollet InstituteTo increase awareness of dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke among Hispanic employees and employers (2 years)$250794
University of MNTo develop a statewide partnership to decrease tobacco use rates and exposure to secondhand smoke by 18–24 year olds (2 years)$163812
Rainbow Health InitiativeTo develop a partnership to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and promote cessation among the LGBT community (2 years)$164517
Our Neighborhood WorksTo reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in North Minneapolis through the adoption of clean indoor air policies in homes (2 years)$283419
Council on Black MinnesotansTo establish an ethnic tobacco network representing the African American and African community in Minnesota (3 years)$245000
Hmong National OrganizationTo create a community–academic partnership to establish research methods about tobacco use with Hmong youth (18 months)$119319
University of MNTo create a community–academic partnership with Indian Youth Consortium to produce information about issues specifically related to urban Indian youth tobacco use (18 months)$123357
University of MNTo lay the foundation for a clinical trial evaluating a novel approach to smoking cessation through the use of sensory replacement among heavy smokers (3 years)$494550
University of MNTo research a model smoking cessation programme designed to have health benefits for individuals with type 2 diabetes (3 years)$449620
Center for Energy & EnvironmentTo build a sound base of knowledge that will facilitate two types of interventions to reduce renters’ exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in their homes (3 years)$470501
Mayo ClinicTo research strategies that will help cigarette smokers who are undergoing surgery manage and prolong abstinence in the pre- and postoperative period (3 years)$477076
HealthPartners Research FoundationTo determine if financial incentives increase the likelihood of medical groups asking and assisting with quit attempts (3 years)$449992
University of MNTo assess knowledge, attitudes, and believes about tobacco use within the LG BT community in the Twin Cities (18 months)$206451
University of MNTo investigate the policy of outdoor smoking restrictions in park/recreation locations for changing tobacco use norms (18 months)$212126
Park Nicollet InstituteTo solicit opinions of primary care physicians, specialists, and nurses to determine ways to increase cessation counseling (8 months)$91277
University of MNTo improve upon the reach and effectiveness of existing cessation programmes by developing a web based expert system to promote tobacco non-use among college students (3 years)$477927
University of St ThomasTo expand the understanding of factors that cause young adults (18–24 years old) to start or stop smoking and/or expose themselves to secondhand smoke (3 years)$375162
Indigenous Peoples Task ForceTo assess the motivating factors to smoke and the use patterns for American Indian women who smoke during pregnancy, to build community readiness and develop recommendations for intervention strategies (2 years)$159175