Table 2

 Tobacco industry strategies to attacks tobacco control efforts in Minnesota (MN)

StrategyMN plan for non-smoking and health–public education campaignASSISTMPAAT
Diversion of issuesShift the arguments from health to economics and government interventions and claim that the interventions are not rooted in scientific evidenceUse FOIA to obtain ASSIST grantee documents to search for use of funds not within guidelines of ASSISTClaim that MPAAT is not being held accountable and has abandoned its guiding principles
Use of third party alliesMN Grocers Associations, Teamsters Union, AFSCME, community groups, and tobacco wholesalers and retailersMN Grocers Association and tobacco wholesalers and retailersMinneapolis Star Tribune, MN AFL-CIO, MN Hospitality Association, local chambers of commerce, MN Taxpayers League
Misuse of fundsClaim bias and conflict of interest in the review of ASSIST grant applicantsClaim that MPAAT was using funds for enacting local ordinances rather than helping people quit smoking
Political expendituresCampaign contributions to key officials and use of lobbyists to stimulate procedural fightsContributions to third party allies, including the MN Grocers AssociationCampaign contributions to Attorney General Michael Hatch