Table 4

Of those who saw advertisements, actions taken in response to NTC advertisements as reported by secondary school students in 1999 (Victorian student study)

Current established smokersEx-established smokersRecent experimental smokersNon-recent experimental smokerNever smoked
Did you do anything as a result of seeing the advertisements?(436)(36)(494)(1104)(1367)
Gave up smoking6%22%8%10%N/A
Tried to quit18%6%11%3%2%
Cut down number of cigarettes smoked27%6%22%4%2%
Rang quit line3%3%2%1%N/A
Thought about quitting26%11%10%2%N/A
Talked to parents about quitting6%22%9%13%10%
Talked to friends about quitting8%19%14%14%11%
Tried smoking3%6%5%1%1%
Told someone else to quit13%28%25%34%32%