Table 2

Smoking behaviours in different exposure groups

Reported smoking behaviour and home policiesNo exposureIndirect exposureDirect exposure
AllNo indoor smoking
CI, confidence interval.
Sample size17171315
Average number of smokers in household01.691.751.93
Households (%) with
    0 smokers100000
    1 smoker043.841.733.3
    2 smokers043.841.753.3
    3 or more smokers012.516.712.4
Households (%) in which
    Mother smokes0100100100
    Visitors smoked in home in past 30 days06.3066.7
    Visited someone who smoked in past 30 days093.733.340.0
Households (%) in which smokers go outside to smoke
    Almost always6.3020.0
    Often, sometimes12.58.353.3
    Rarely, never0020.0
Households (%) with doors/windows shut when someone smokes outside
    Almost always18.816.76.7
    Often, sometimes12.58.320.0
    Rarely, never18.88.366.7
Smoking (geometric mean, 95% CI)
    Mother’s average cigs/day (diary 7 days)05.41 (3.33 to 9.49)5.20 (2.72 to 9.35)6.20 (3.83 to 10.74)
    Mother’s average cigs/day (interview past 10 days)05.38 (3.40 to 8.25)4.44 (2.45 to 9.35)9.34 (7.63 to 11.40)