Table 3

Mean level of disagreement (1 = strongly agree, 5 = strongly disagree) with statements about tobacco companies aand other industries for subjects who saw The Insider and Erin Brockovich

Statement The Insider
Mean (SD) n=154
Erin Brockovich
Mean (SD) n=107
(a) Tobacco companies have freely provided information on the health risks of smoking3.91 (1.17)3.32 (1.24)
(b) Tobacco companies make a positive contribution to the community through sponsorship of sport and cultural activities3.83 (1.15)3.47 (1.16)
(c) Commercial news media gives accurate information on current affairs3.30 (1.14)3.24 (1.20)
(d) Tobacco companies have every right to sell their products while they are legal2.41 (1.01)2.32 (0.85)
(e) Tobacco companies behave in socially irresponsible ways1.99 (1.05)2.09 (0.94)
(f) When big companies are involved, news media aren't always free to present things as they are1.89 (0.81)2.20 (0.83)
(g) Tobacco companies distort the truth about smoking so more people smoke1.84 (0.92)2.34 (0.98)
(h) Tobacco companies will stop at nothing to sell their products1.82 (0.88)2.17 (1.01)
(i) There should be greater penalties for companies whose products cause sickness or death1.62 (0.80)1.75 (0.87)