Table 3

Multivariate association of a high level of support for non-smoking venues (at least 4) with period (1992–93, 1995–96, 1998–99), region (California versus the rest of the USA), and the demographic and other variables

VariableAdjusted* odds ratio95% confidence interval
Adjusted odds ratio is the odds ratio adjusted for all the other variables in the table.
    1995–961.11(1.08 to 1.15)
    1998–991.26(1.22 to 1.31)
    USA minus California1.00
    California1.50(1.42 to 1.58)
Interaction (region × period)
    California in 1998–991.49(1.34 to 1.66)
    Female1.28(1.25 to 1.31)
Age (years)
    31–440.82(0.80 to 0.84)
    18–300.72(0.69 to 0.74)
    College graduate1.00
    Some college0.97(0.94 to 0.99)
    High school or less0.90(0.88 to 0.93)
    Non-Hispanic white1.00
    Asian/Pacific Islander1.22(1.15 to 1.31)
    Hispanic1.48(1.40 to 1.56)
    African American1.05(1.01 to 1.09)
    Other1.09(0.95 to 1.24)
Smoke-free workplace
    No, or not an indoor worker1.00
    Yes1.57(1.54 to 1.60)
Smoke-free home
    Yes3.29(3.22 to 3.34)
Smoking status
    Former0.73(0.71 to 0.75)
    Current0.35(0.34 to 0.36)