Table 1

 Gambling interests with ties to the tobacco industry

OrganisationTobacco industry affiliationDateTestified at OSHAActive at ASHRAEMember of HCIAQ
AGA, American Gaming Association; ASHRAE, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers; HCIAQ, Hospitality Coalition on Indoor Air Quality; OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration; PM, Philip Morris; RJR, RJ Reynolds.
AE Associates34,57,61,97–99According to Mayada Logue, “AE Engineering understands our issues and agrees with and uses the concepts of proper designs for smoking areas”. Engineer Robert Finnegan is listed as PM contact for a number of casinos participating in ventilation projects monitored by PM’s Accommodation Program1994–1997
American Gaming AssociationPresident Frank Fahrenkopf, former lobbyist for Tobacco Institute Washoe County (NV) has a “relationship” with Mayada Logue of PM worldwide regulatory affairs (WRA)1997–2003
American Hotel and Motel Association51,100–102Received funding from PM’s Accommodation Program and RJR. Launched Partnership with the PM’s Accommodation Program. Hosted PM’s Accommodation Program sponsored roundtable on Indoor Air Quality. According to Robert Meyne of RJR, “hands-down the most supportive, dependable, and deserving hospitality organization”1996–2003
Australian Hotels Association93 (Tasmania)Financed by tobacco industry to oppose smoke-free legislation through surveys, promotional videos, and information packets for members of Parliament.2001
Burswood Casino13,16 (Western Australia)PM “assisted in the defence of casino against a claim by the state of Western Australia that employees were exposed to unsafe amounts of ETS”1993
Floyd and Associates65Received payment from PM WRA for work with “Casino Association” regarding ASHRAE 62–891997–1998
Hotel Association of Canada71Participated in tobacco industry’s Courtesy of Choice Program1997
JBA Consulting Engineers57,103Donald Koch (engineer), in a 1998 fax to PM, explained that in regards to casinos, “limited smoking by customers is not an option”. Suggested transferring air to kitchen1998
Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce20,104Publicly sponsored PM organised economic impact study in 1996 by Dr John Dobra. In 2001, member of PM Field Action Team1996–2001
McMullen Strategic Group99–103Government/strategic affairs firm in Nevada hired by PM. Signed professional service agreement with PM to “develop constituencies” in Nevada. Samuel McMullen was state coordinator of PM Field Action Team, Nevada1994–2001
Montana Tavern Association105–108Received continuous funding from RJR State Government Affairs. Conducted and publicised study done by Roper Starch worldwide polling firm paid for by an unrestricted grant from PM. Results showed that an overwhelming majority of bar and tavern owners in Montana felt that OSHA’s rule would hurt business1999
Nevada Northern Gaming Industry Association109Represented at OSHA hearings by Samuel McMullen (PM lobbyist) who testified without any evidence to support his claims that smokers made up 70% of the customers of the casinos he represented1994
Nevada Resort Association104–107,110Lobbyist Harvey Whittemore is lobbyist for RJR. Member of PM Field Action Team, Nevada1994–2001
Ren-Sparks Chamber of Commerce20,104President David Howard testified at OSHA that the proposed rule would be “devastating to Nevada’s small business industry”. Publicly sponsored PM organised economic impact report by Dr John Dobra. Member of PM Field Action Team, Nevada1994–2001
Therdore Sterling and Associates9,10,52,53,57,74,111Longstanding ties to the tobacco industry. As of 2003, Elia Sterling (president) serving as technical advisor to the AGA and represents gambling interests at ASHRAE. Working with AGA and “a hospitality association for indoor air quality” to update his previous study examining the impact of ventilation systems on air quality of modern casinos1973–2003