Table 1

 Characteristics of intervention and control groups

ControlInterventionp Value
n = 804%n = 1234%
*Six respondents did not answer the smoking status question.
†Denotes a significant difference in the distribution between control and intervention compared with the whole sample.
Current smokers* 739.11139.20.95
    12 year olds15919.829624.00.07
    13 year olds17922.328322.90.78
    14 year olds15218.928322.90.08
    15 year olds10713.317614.30.6
    16 year olds†11414.21149.20.002
    17 year olds†9311.6826.70.0004
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood81.0191.50.3
Birthday Girl202.5373.00.51
About A Boy†50.6282.30.005
Mr Deeds14618.219015.40.17
Men in Black II 62577.796077.80.99