Table 3

 Bivariate and adjusted coefficients for the relationship between time since campaign onset and anti-industry attitudes/beliefs across tobacco producing states (TPS) and non-tobacco producing states (non-TPS)

State groupsCoefficients of association between anti-industry attitudes/beliefs and months from baseline to interview
Bivariate r (SE)Model 1*Model 2†
Months badj (SE)Months badj (SE)Confirmed awareness of truth® ad badj (SE)
*Model 1 adjusts for age, sex, presence of both parents at home, presence of smoker at home, existence of smoking rules at home, number of hours of TV watched a week, church attendance, employment, and weekly earnings. Chow tests of the difference in time trends across groups indicated a marginally significant difference between the CA/FL/MA group and the non-TPS, low funding group (p = 0.03)
†Model 2 includes confirmed awareness of a truth® ad, as well as the time trend variable (that is, months) and the above control variables.
TPS0.005 (0.002)0.004 (0.002)0.002 (0.002)0.128 (0.067)
p Value0.0200.0440.3510.054
Non-TPS, low fund0.007 (0.001)0.007 (0.001)0.005 (0.002)0.112 (0.038)
p Value0.0000.0000.0010.003
Non-TPS, high fund0.004 (0.001)0.005 (0.001)0.003 (0.001)0.119 (0.032)
p Value0.0010.0000.0100.000
CA/FL/MA0.001 (0.001)0.001 (0.001)0.000 (0.001)0.037 (0.029)
p Value0.3780.4800.7690.208
Total sample0.005 (0.001)0.005 (0.001)0.003 (0.001)0.104 (0.020)
p Value0.0000.0000.0000.000