Table 1

 Chronology of development and release of the Barclay cigarette in the USA

September 1978Conception of grooved filter by RR Johnson at Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company12
September 1978–1980Ongoing projects on grooved or fluted filters11,93,94
September 1980Test market release of Barclay cigarette95
7 September 1980Thomas Ahrensfeld, VP, General Counsel for Philip Morris, phones Ernest Pepples, B&W, to discuss why Barclay produces a “higher level of satisfaction to smokers than other 1 mg tar cigarettes” and that their “technical people had developed a reason why they believe this is so”96
September–November 1980American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Lorillard, and RJ Reynolds tobacco companies determined that Barclay delivers more smoke to smokers than to the standard smoking machine largely because of groove compromise (table 2)
January 1981—March 1981Nationwide release of Barclay cigarette, rising to sales of 1.2% during the first quarter of 198184
June 1981FTC started informal investigation as a result of complaint by RJR Tobacco Company96
June 1982FTC “concluded Barclay was inaccurately measured by the FTC method and that the cigarette actually delivered between three and seven milligrams of tar when smoked by the human being”97