Table 1

 Sample characteristics and relation to current smoking status

VariableCurrent smoker
Total (n = 5399)Yes (n = 527)No (n = 4872)
*Totals for each variable may not add to the total sample size due to missing data.
†The percentages for the Total column are calculated across the levels of each variable (that is, within the column).
‡The percentages for current smoking status are calculated across the three stages at each level of the predictor variable (that is, within the row).
Age (years)
    10, 1159010.9152.557597.5
    15, 16811.52024.76175.3
    African American3165.94213.327486.7
One or both parents attended college
Support tobacco possession laws
    Strongly disagree54110.022942.331257.7
    Strongly agree184734.2271.5182098.5
Adult users
Peer users
    A few155728.8644.1149395.9