Table 2

 Types of consumer focused market research Philip Morris conducted for Marlboro

LifestyleIdentifies the key needs and values of target consumers. This research often includes insights into popular behaviours, pastimes, peer relationships, thoughts, fears, political leanings, family life, goals and aspirations, and attitudes toward smoking
BrandExamines a brand’s image though consumer surveys and focus groups. Determining consumer perceptions of Marlboro in different regions was a particular focus of Philip Morris’ international market research; this research was used to develop a global Marlboro brand identity and positioning
CommunicationsMeasures consumer reactions to specific advertisements, promotional campaigns, or sponsorship efforts. Often consists of copy testing or eliciting reactions to actual or prototype advertisements. Popular measurement criteria include recall (ability of the advertisement to attract attention and interest), persuasion (ability of the advertisement to influence decisions), and communication effectiveness (effectiveness in conveying the intended message)81