Table 3

 Philip Morris market research studies into consumer lifestyles, brand images, and communication efforts

This table highlights the major Philip Morris studies of the lifestyles of Marlboro smokers, Marlboro’s brand image, and Marlboro advertisements and communication efforts. The results of many of these individual studies appear in several different internal Philip Morris documents.
Cigarette Pricing And Strategic Brand PositioningLifestyle1985NoresearchJapan
Image Study GermanyBrand image1985PMIGermany
Global Generation Of YASLifestyle1989Leo BurnettUSA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan
Exploratory Marlboro Strategic ResearchLifestyle/communications1989Leo BurnettAustralia
Values, Lifestyles And Brand Images Among Taiwanese YAMSLifestyle/brand/communications1991RI Asia-Hamel; PrahaladTaiwan
Marlboro Red EEC Marketing ReviewLifestyle1992PM-EECFrance, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium
Young Male Adults In JapanLifestyle1992LBCJapan
Young Adult Smokers In ItalyLifestyle/brand image1992PM-EEC; Herzog, PrItaly
Marlboro Brand ReviewBrand image1992Tmd Carat, Marlboro Brand GroupUK
Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing ReviewCommunications1992PM-EECEurope
Hong Kong YAMS StudyLifestyle/brand/communications1993RI Asia/PM AsiaHong Kong
International Marlboro Image Dynamics StudyLifestyle/brand image1993Sinus; Lebensweittorschung(Proposal for multiple countries)
International Marlboro Image Dynamics StudyLifestyle1993Sinus (inferred)Saudi Arabia
Marlboro Image Dynamics StudyLifestyle/brand/communications1994Market InsightIvory Coast
Young Adult Females In The 900000’sLifestyle1993Leo Burnett (inferred)Japan
Research Discussion Paper Marlboro Smokers ResearchBrand image/communications1993Hill N. Knowlton AsiaHong Kong, Philippines, Korea, China (Proposals)
MISTA Motif Sort Test of Marlboro VisualsCommunications1993PM-EECGermany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France
EEC Event MarketingCommunications1993Author unknownEEC, EEMA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela
Int. Marlboro Image Dynamics Study - KoreaLifestyle/brand/communications1994Sinus (inferred)Korea
Fax Proposal of Female Depth Interview in KoreaLifestyle1994Hankook Rsch; Roh, IKorea
Competitive Brand AdvertisingBrand image/communications1994Author unknownKorea
European Lights Young Adult StudyBrand/communications1994RSG Marketing RschBelgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands