Table 3

Average recommended retail price (cents) per stick for the top 20 brands, average per segment (selected brands only, unweighted), and percentage increase over previous year

BenchmarkFollow up 1Follow up 2Follow up 3Follow up 4
Nov 1994Nov 1995Nov 1996May 1997Nov 1997Nov 1998Nov 1999Nov 2000Increase over NTC period
Source: Australian Retail Tobacconist price lists, in Australian dollars.
c.f., Compared with.
Increase c.f. previous year29%1%1%3%3%5%15%28%
Increase c.f. previous year26%1%−3%5%4%12%10%34%
Increase c.f. previous year21%5%1%2%4%18%13%42%
All top 20 brands18.7322.8323.3123.2023.7924.6727.5631.07
Increase c.f. previous year22%2%−1%3%4%12%13%34%
Differential between budget and premium brands −20% −25% −22% −21% −22% −21% −12% −13%
Reduction in differential−41%