Table 9

Summary of changes in smoking prevalence over the period of the NTC in adults 18–40 years (manufactured and RYO cigarettes)

BenchmarkFollow up 2Follow up 4% change% change
May 1997Nov 1998Nov 2000May 97 to Nov 1998Nov 98 to Nov 2000
Source: NTC Evaluation respondent surveys.
Enumerated29.5% (n=6536)27.9% (n=10306)26.7% (n=11923)−5.42%−4.30%
Blue Collar SES33.4%32.6%30.6%−2.4%−6.1%
White Collar SES25.1%23.0%23.2%−7.6%0.9%
Informant30.8% (n=2969)28.6% (n=4562)27.1% (n=5112)−7.1%−5.2%
Blue Collar SES34.1%33.1%32.1%−2.9%−3.0%
White Collar SES25.6%22.6%22.0%−11.7%−2.7%