Table 1

 Impact of various campaigns and television commercials (TVCs) for generating calls to the New Zealand national Quitline from Māori callers (for calls within one hour of showing a TVC)

Campaign/TVCTotal TVC placementsTotal calls within 1 hourTotal TARPs*Calls per 100 TARPsRate ratio(95% CI)
*Target audience rating points: a measure of estimated exposure of the target audience.
CI, confidence interval.
Campaigns that used the Quitline number
    “Every cigarette”3723833331151.26 (1.08 to 1.46)
    “Its about whānau” (family)48343948091Reference
Campaigns that did not use the Quitline number
    “World Smokefree Day”1343578451.79 (1.17 to 2.73)
    “Lets Clear the Air”4938232825Reference