Table 1

Results of a bar establishment survey regarding smoke-free bar law†

Type of bars1998 (n = 651)2002 (n = 650)
% (SE)% (SE)
†To simplify the analysis, we combined “very concerned” and “somewhat concerned” as “concerned”, “not too concerned” and “not at all concerned” as “not concerned”. Similarly, “very important” and “somewhat important” were combined.
‡Multiple choices were allowed.
§Questions were only asked in the 2002 survey.
*p<0.05; **p<0.01;***p<0.001
Do you prefer working in a smoke-free environment?Stand alone bar17.3 (1.9)50.9 (4.7)***
Combination bar52.3 (3.1)79.6 (1.7)***
How concerned are you about the effects ofStand alone bar21.6 (2.1)45.5 (4.7)***
secondhand smoke on your health?Combination bar54.7 (3.1)61.5 (2.1)
How important is it to have a smoke-freeStand alone bar20.9 (2.1)57.1 (4.7)***
environment inside your bar?Combination bar58.1 (3.1)80.5 (1.7)***
If someone came into your bar and began to smoke, what would you or the bar staff typically do?‡
    Ask them to stop/go outsideStand alone bar43.0 (2.5)82.1 (3.6)***
Combination bar75.2 (2.7)86.8 (1.5)***
    Tell them it’s against the lawStand alone bar62.9 (2.4)33.0 (4.5)***
Combination bar42.6 (3.1)34.6 (2.1)*
Is complying with the law easy?‡,§Stand alone bar53.6 (4.7)
Combination bar88.0 (1.7)
Do you think the law protects your health and/or the health of other bar employees?§Stand alone bar65.2 (4.5)
Combination bar86.8 (1.5)