Table 1

  Demographic characteristics and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in 3999 male current smokers in the Hong Kong Police

Missing data were excluded.
*Excluding self-exposure.
†Excluding self.
‡Cigarette-hours were calculated by multiplying the average number of cigarettes smoked by co-workers per hour to which subjects were exposed in the workplace by 8 hours, which is the notional number of working hours per day.
Age (years)
Marital status
Educational attainment
    Grade 10 or below80920.8
    Grade 11289174.5
    Grades 12–131393.6
Police rank
    Police constable324881.6
    Sergeant or senior sergeant63816.0
    Inspector or above962.4
Type of police
    Traffic police54813.8
    Foot patrol276769.5
    Marine police66416.7
Worked in self perceived dusty or polluted environment before
Daily amount of cigarette consumption (cigarettes)
Duration of cigarette smoking (years)
    5 to <10117029.8
    10 to <1592023.4
SHS exposure*
    At home only1945.0
    At work only204752.9
    At home and at work114629.6
Total number of smokers at home and at work†
Number of co-workers smoking nearby at work†
Number of smokers at home†
Daily amount of SHS exposure at work, number of cigarette-hours‡