Table 2

Mean proportions (and standard deviations) for main outcome measures by country

CountryANOVA statistics examining outcomes by country§
Outcome MeasureUnited States (US)AustraliaBritainFdfOverallUS v AustraliaUS v BritainAustralia v Britain
*“How good” is measured on a scale of 1–7 in the US and 1–5 in Australia and Britain. Data presented for this variable represent the proportion of participants who viewed an advert who rated it as above average in the scale for how good.
†“Stand out” is the one advert chosen out of the group of 10 adverts seen by the youth that is most likely to make them “stop and think”. It is interpreted as the proportion that chose a given advert as the one that most stands out.
“Recall”, “thought about”, and “discussed” are yes/no variables. Thus, data presented represent the proportion of participants who viewed an advert, were followed up, and recalled the advert or responded “yes” to the other outcome variables.
§Post hoc comparisons were carried out using the Tukey honestly significant difference test.
*p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001
Prior exposure0.17 (0.22)0.03 (0.15)0.00 (0.01)12.622*********
How good*0.61 (0.23)0.53 (0.26)0.56 (0.26)0.832N.S
Stand out†0.12 (0.14)0.12 (0.15)0.12 (0.15)0.032N.S
Recall0.42 (0.17)0.43 (0.21)0.27 (0.20)7.332******
Thought about0.20 (0.14)0.20 (0.14)0.14 (0.14)2.102N.S
Discussed0.15 (0.12)0.19 (0.15)0.14 (0.14)0.992N.S