Table 4

Advertisements most positively appraised and engaged by participants*

Score†Sponsor ‡Executional characteristic §Youth audienceThemeDescription
*Copies of these advertisements are available from the Media Campaign Resource Centre, Office on Smoking and Health, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
†The advert impact score represents the mean of the summed totals for US, Australian, and British participants for the variables how good, stand out, and discussed.
‡CA, California; MA, Massachusetts; AUS, Australia; SF, San Fransisco; ALF, American Legacy Foundation; AZ, Arizona.
§VN, visceral negative; PT, personal testimonial; None, neither of these.
1.90CAVN, PTNoHealth effectsShows a man who has had a laryngectomy cleaning his stoma. Text introduces man as a cancer patient who has lost his lung and vocal chord from smoking; advert closes over sound of man rasping
1.77AUS/MAVNNoHealth effectsMan lights cigarette on stove; surgeon squeezes fatty deposits from a young smoker’s aorta; tag line: “Every cigarette is doing you damage”
1.74CAPTNoSecondhand smokeOlder man talks about his wife who always used to tell him not to smoke. Man relates how he didn’t die from his smoking, but his wife did. Text appears: “Second hand smoke kills more than 53 000 people every year”
1.54MAPTNoHealth effectsEx-model – Janet Sackman – who has lost her vocal chords from smoking, talks in a croaky voice about tobacco advertising and the health effects of smoking
1.51SFNoneNoOtherDocumentary style images of tobacco farming in a developing nation; voice over describes how food crops have been replaced by tobacco, which is farmed with the use of harmful chemicals. Shot of a young girl in a hospital bed; voice/text states: “It is not just smokers who are dying from tobacco”
1.41MAPTYesHealth effectsYoung woman – Pam Laffin – who has had a lung removed and has to take medication for the rest of her life says that she “started to smoke to look older, and I am sorry to say – it worked”
1.32ALFNoneYesIndustry manipulationOutside a major tobacco company, teens pull bodybags out of truck and stack in front of building; Sign: every day 1200 people die from smoking
1.31MANoneNoSecondhand smokeBlack and white image of cigarette burning; reverse image of smoke going into lungs; man talks about the risks of secondhand smoking: “there is a warning on cigarette packs for people who smoke, where do you think they should put the warning for people who breathe?”
1.23MAPTYesIndustry manipulationTeenage girl talks about her addiction to cigarettes. She wishes she could quit
1.11AZNoneYesSecondhand smokeTwo young kids and a small dog at a park; one kid is smoking and talking about how smart dogs are, as smoke trails into dog’s face. Dog urinates on cigarette and trots off