Table 2

 Number of participants and person years; deaths from all causes, ischaemic heart disease, all cancer, and lung cancer, number and per 100000 person years, by number of cigarettes recorded at screening. 23521 male and 19201 female participants aged 35–49*

Number of cigarettes smoked daily
*Participants not reporting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or treatment for hypertension, nor symptoms of angina pectoris and atherosclerosis obliterans.
Number of participants830862725264941340125991119
Number of person years2196991636763464122128828366196726310
All causes
    Number of deaths1248161760169712451084499
    Per 100000 person years56898411981390150317491897
Ischaemic heart disease
    Number of deaths28763233521406311128
    Per 100000 person years131385367427490502487
All cancer
    Number of deaths44640226525392349171
    Per 100000 person years203244356430473563650
Lung cancer
    Number of deaths1746116812614670
    Per 100000 person years82496138152236266
Number of participants1107779627593005100847779
Number of person years28817820537705097615825196117202036
All causes
    Number of deaths9569842753022211316
    Per 100000 person years332477606696881964786
Ischaemic heart disease
    Number of deaths8517727936132
    Per 100000 person years298310210414311198
All cancer
    Number of deaths57946197264100589
    Per 100000 person years201224279347397495442
Lung cancer
    Number of deaths145436533143
    Per 100000 person years5246185131119147