Table 1

Parties who made submissions to the NHMRC health effects of passive smoking Working Party supporting tobacco industry position61

Dr G FlammFlamm Associates, Consulting in Toxicology and Food & Drug Regulations, Reston, VA
Dr GB GoriDirector, The Health Policy Centre, Bethesda, Maryland
HBIHealth Buildings International P/L
Dr Maxwell LayardLayard Associates, Statistical Consultants, California
Dr Julian LeeSenior Thoracic Physician, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre, NSW
Mr J MostynExecutive Director, Tobacco Institute of Australia Ltd., Sydney
Mr RJ MulcahyNational Executive Director, Australian Hotels Association, Parkes, ACT
Professor RL TweedieChair, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Colorado
Philip Witorsch, Raphael WitorschDept of Medicine, George Washington University Medical Centre, Washington DC; Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia