Table 5

 Smoking habits 10 years after baseline screening in persons who attended both examinations. 3774 men and 7591 women reporting at baseline never to have smoked, and 224 men and 552 women reporting at baseline a consumption of 1–4 cigarettes per day. Number of persons, age 35–49 at baseline*

Category at baselineCategories of smoking 10 years after baseline screening
Never smokedEx-smokers1–4 cigs5–9 cigs10–14 cigs15–19 cigs20–24 cigs25+ cigsPipe onlyPipe + cigarsTotal number of persons
*Participants not reporting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or treatment for hypertension, nor symptoms of angina pectoris and atherosclerosis obliterans.
Never smoked3523177181614932753774
1–4 cigs159353441320031224
Never smoked72391635869421082007591
1–4 cigs711441131793823200552