Table 1

 Distributions of cigarette smoking and snus use among males in the Swedish Twin Registry

Ever smoker (n = 9151, 63.5%)Never smoker (n = 5273, 36.5%)
Ever regular smoker (n = 7880, 86.1%)Ever now and then smoker (n = 669, 7.3%)Ever party smoker* (n = 602, 6.6%)
Current regular smoker (n = 2683, 34.0%)Former regular smoker (n = 5197, 66.0%)Current now and then smoker (n = 262, 39.2%)Former now and then smoker (n = 407, 60.8%)Current party smoker (n = 139, 23.1%)Former party smoker: (n = 463, 76.9%)
*Ever “party” smokers did not contribute ages at onset of tobacco use, so we could not calculate the age they started smoking in relation to snus use.
NA, not available.
Regular snus use (n = 3704, 25.6%)
Began using snus before cigarettes611471638..NA
Began using snus after cigarettes32417015770..NA
Only used snus, no cigarettesNANANANANANA976
Began using both at same time472301324..NA
Now and then snus use (n = 415, 2.9%)
Began using snus before cigarettes111026..NA
Began using snus after cigarettes1001371320..NA
Only used snus, no cigarettesNANANANANANA60
Began using both at same time2022311..NA
Never used snus (n = 10305, 71.5%) 212029501582381394634237