Table 1

 Cigarette brand campaigns targeting women by psychosocial need, time period, and age group

NeedBrand/company/campaignPsychographic segmentTime periodAge group
Private time22,23Satin (Lorillard): “Spoil Yourself with Satin”“Social Strivers” and “Satisfied Secures”24Early to mid 1980s35–59
Social acceptability25–28Benson & Hedges (Philip Morris): “For People Who Like to Smoke”“Imprisoned Smokers/Compensators” and “Closet Smokers”25Late 1980s to early 1990s25–49
Escape29–33Capri (Brown & Williamson): “She’s Gone to Capri”“Personal Experience”34Mid 1990s to 200035–59
Peer group belonging35–38Marlboro (Philip Morris): “Marlboro Country”/“Come to Where the Flavor Is”“Mavericks”21,39mid-1990s to 2000s18–24
Female camaraderie40,41Virginia Slims (Philip Morris): “It’s a Woman Thing”“Uptown Girls”21,39Mid 1990s to 2000s20s