Table 1

 Key questions*

*Responses to questions 5, 6, and 8 are not included in this report.
1aWhen you hear the term “harm reduction,” with respect to tobacco, what are your general reactions?
1bCan you identify specific strategies for harm reduction?
2[Ranking of strategies from most appealing to least appealing]
3Write down three benefits of these strategies
4Write down three risks (or disadvantages) of these strategies
5Can you think of situations when the benefits would outweigh the risks?
6What is needed to implement harm reduction strategies in the real world?
7aHow would you divide a program budget between prevention, cessation, and harm reduction?
7bHow would you divide a research budget between prevention, cessation and harm reduction?
8What are the main points you would make to the Surgeon General if you had a few minutes to discuss harm reduction?