Table 1

 Relative risk (RR) of acute incident myocardial infarction (MI) among males according to smoking history

Smoking status*Cases n = 309Controls n = 618Age and hospital adjusted RR (95% CI)Multivariate adjusted RR (95% CI)Number of smoking associated MI cases† (%)
*Never smokers (reference group) does not include cigarette smokers, bidi smokers, or users of other forms of tobacco (n = 7 cases and n = 19 controls used other forms of tobacco only). Ever smokers include former and current cigarette or bidi smokers. Current smokers include current smokers of cigarettes or bidis.
†Smoking associated number of MI cases calculated as (1−1/risk ratio) × number of cases who smoked in that group.
Ever2202404.0 (3.0 to 5.4)3.9 (2.8 to 5.6)163 (74%)
Former47772.7 (1.7 to 4.1)2.6 (1.6 to 4.3)29 (62%)
Current1731634.6 (3.4 to 6.4)4.7 (3.2 to 6.9)136 (79%)