Table 2

 Selected low nicotine tobacco programme names identified in the documents

Project nameApproximate datesNotes
Philip Morris
Alkaloid Reduced Tobacco (ART)1121980s–early 1990sProject leading to test marketing of “Next” brand
Low Nicotine Tobacco (LNT)90Mid 1980s–mid 1990sResearch programme to develop low nicotine tobacco primarily through genetic means113
RJ Reynolds
No-Nicotine Project (NN)33Early 1970sProduct development for German market
Project Nicoless (NL)34,351974–1976Exploration of domestic market
Genetically Low Alkaloid Tobacco Product (GLA)821980sAgricultural research programme
Low Nicotine Tobacco Program83; Nicotine Reduction Program83–851989–Research and development programmes rekindled following Philip Morris marketing. Subprojects: Project Low Nicotine (LN); Project Lowest Nicotine Available (LNA); Project Lowest Nicotine Available For Marketing (LNAM)83–85
Vector Tobacco
“Quest” cigarettes100Late 1990s–Genetically modified tobacco packaged in three nicotine levels, test marketed beginning January 2003