Table 1

 Interview guide

1. What are the major areas of agreement and disagreement with regard to tobacco harm reduction? What are your personal perspectives on these major issues?
2. How will the debate regarding tobacco harm reduction evolve over the next five years?
3. What is the potential of tobacco harm reduction to reduce health risks to smokers in the future, and why?
4. What kinds of unintended consequences, if any, do you think there might be from the use of harm reduction products?
5. What do you perceive to be the characteristics of “good” and “bad” or “dangerous” harm reduction products? Are there any current products on the market that meet these definitions?
6. What, if anything, should the US government do in terms of regulating harm reduction products, and why?
7. Where will the US be in regard to regulating harm reduction products 5–10 years from now?
8. With regard to tobacco harm reduction, what are the importance and prospects for eventual collaboration between: (a) the public health community and the tobacco industry, (b) the public health community and the pharmaceutical industry, and (c) the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries?
9. What do you think about the Institute of Medicine’s conclusion regarding the use of surrogate measures to indirectly measure harm? What are areas of greatest scientific uncertainty?
10. Is there anything else about the topic of tobacco harm reduction that we haven’t talked about that you would like to discuss?